Found Objects

by Zympht

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released February 1, 1997


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Zympht Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Rhythoid to Chaos & Order
Order from chaos.
Order from chaos.
Chaos out of order.
Chaos is out of order.

Chaos. Order.

The universe is energy.
Chaos and order are energy.
Chaos and order fill my life.
My life is filled with this energy.

Order from chaos.
Order from chaos.
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Chaos. Order. Chaos.
Track Name: The Glucose That Binds the Darkness and Lightness - Hetchoo Guh-bleshoo
Play fast and mean but say who you are
and live always by the light of day.

The storming brains of men and boys
play on and keep the darkness at bay.

The darkness and lightning of storming thoughts
become their lifes' work's art.

The glue that binds the darkness and lightness,
never the two shall part.
Track Name: Legacy of Sadness
You know me.
You touch me.
You see me.
You see it all and then you're gone.

I know you.
I touch you.
I see you.
I see it all and then I'm gone.

You know me.
I know you.
We live this.
We live it all and then we're gone.