Analog Soul

from by Zympht

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Your every movement, every emotion, every word, every thought is an electromagnetic signal sounding out into a sea of resonance and interference. You leave in your wake an approximation, an amplified wisp of EM fragrance, non-proprietary, neither created nor destroyed.

Your body is tuned to the earth and entrained with the sun. Your consciousness swirls in the harmonic overtones of cosmic deliciousness. Your senses are antennae, absorbing the wavelets and static of profound, long since unforgotten awareness. This song shimmies and shimmers through a dizzitized bitstorm into your analog soul, scintoscillating in your heart and potentiating your Fourier transformation with Love.


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from What We Focus On Expands, track released February 23, 2013




Zympht Boston, Massachusetts

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